NoteAid Annotation


NoteAid is a BioNLP system that automatically recognizes medical concepts and translates medical jargon into patient-oriented lay language. The lay language definition are annotated by professional human annotators, but the process is expensive and time-consuming.

This project is an attempt to publish a dataset comprised of human-annotated lay definitions and 3 external knowledge resources including the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), Wikipedia, and Dictionary by Merriam-Webster. Also, we use transformer-based architectures to train and generate Lay Definitions with given jargon term and definitions from external knowledge resources.

Keywords: Electronic Health Records, Consumer Health, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing

Epic System

NoteAid Epic is a patient-oriented web application that helps patients read their doctor notes.


My work is conducted by the time I was working in UMass BioNLP Lab. Now I have left as I graduated from UMass Amherst. However, the research is still actively work in progress led by Zonghai Yao.

Guanghao(Gary) Wei
Guanghao(Gary) Wei
M.Eng. in Computer Science

My research interests include machine learning systems, AI for science, Optimization theory, and High Performance Computing.