NoteAid Epic App


NoteAid is a patient-oriented web application that patients can read their doctor notes, which are stored on the EPIC system, with the help of NLP Machine Learning models on any mainstream device.

NoteAid classifies jargon terms in the EHR and annotates the simplified definitions.

Keywords: EPIC System, Electronic Health Records, Consumer Health, Natural Language Processing


My work is conducted by the time I was working in UMass BioNLP Lab. Now I have left as I graduated from UMass Amherst. However, the research is still actively work in progress led by Zonghai Yao.

This project is funded by NIH/NLM and currently under development.

Guanghao(Gary) Wei
Guanghao(Gary) Wei
M.Eng. in Computer Science, Ph.D. Applicant

My research interests include machine learning systems, machine learning theory, and AI for science.