Guanghao(Gary) Wei

Research Assistant @ Cornell Relax ML Lab


Cornell University

New York, NY 14850

My research interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning Systems, High Performance Computing, and AI for Science, where I leverage my mathematical and engineering talents to pioneer cutting-edge solutions. I work at Cornell Relax ML Lab advised by Prof. Chris De Sa on efficient machine learning algorithms and systems. Grounded in mathematical principles, our work aims to expedite large-scale, high-performance machine learning systems that are efficient, parallel, and distributed in real-world settings. Parallel to this, I collaborate on AI-driven molecule generation with talented Ph.D. students.

My academic journey has led me to a Master of Engineering in Computer Science at Cornell University. Prior to this, I pursued dual B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, complemented by a minor in Japanese. My specialization in Mathematics focused on Applied Math and Scientific Computing. Prior to my graduation, I engaged in research at the UMass BioNLP Lab under Prof. Hong Yu, concentrating on bio-medical and clinical NLP applications within Electronic Health Records.

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Feb 29, 2024 I am happy to continue my position at the Relax Lab at Cornell University as a graduate researcher. :computer:
Dec 31, 2023 I am delighted to have graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Engineering in Computer Science. :mortar_board:

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  1. ICLR Workshop
    Navigating Chemical Space with Latent Flows
    Guanghao Wei*, Yining Huang*, Chenru Duan, Yue Song, and Yuanqi Du
  2. wei2023grabsampler.jpg
    GraB-sampler: Optimal Permutation-based SGD Data Sampler for PyTorch
    Guanghao Wei